Hi, we are TWIST BURGER!

We are huge lovers of good food for every occasion! There is nothing better than mouth-watering food. However, as many of you, we’ve come to realize that eating too much meat may have negative effects on our own health and on the environment with irreversible effects. So we made a promise to ourselves: we’d play our part and give a twist to our eating habits. We started looking for an alternative to what we all deeply love: tasty, super-cheesy and juicy burgers, but realized that all the alternatives we tried were missing the magic that makes a burger a true treasure of greatness. This is when the idea of TWIST BURGER was born. A burger that holds no compromise in taste, juiciness and awesomeness...and, by the way, it happens to be 100% plant-based! Meat-lovers or vegans? TWIST BURGER is for everyone who simply wants to be part of the change without compromising on the experience of getting dirty when biting a great burger.